TechSmith Snagit 2020.1.1 Build 5510

SnagIt 是全世界范围内一款非常著名的优秀屏幕、文本和视频捕获、编辑与转换的程序软件。SnagIt 不仅可以捕获Windows屏幕、DOS屏幕;RM电影、游戏画面;菜单、窗口、客户区窗口、最后一个激活的窗口或用鼠标定义的区域,而且它生成的图象文件可保存为BMP、PCX、TIF、GIF、PNG或JPEG等多种图片图像格式,也可以存为视频动画,使用JPEG可以指定所需的压缩级(从1%到99%范围内)。可以选择是否包括光标,添加水印。另外,SnagIt 还拥有自动缩放,颜色减少,单色转换,抖动,以及转换为灰度级。

SnagIt 更具特色的功能是可以无缝集成到 Microsoft Office 办公套件中,与其紧密协作;当然,你也可以使用SnagIt 来捕捉屏幕视频,图片中的文字等等,只要是屏幕上有的,SnagIt 11都可以帮您捕获!


TechSmith SnagIt 2020 新功能:
SnagIt 2020 引入了两个新的创作工具和企业输出 Slack 和 Box – 拥有超过15共享输出的Snagit使得它更容易共享的工作内容
TechSmith 资产:为 Snagit 创建更好看的教学内容,每年订阅 TechSmith 资产。付费订阅可以让您访问数千张邮票、照片和模板。


2020.0.1 (November 12, 2019):

The former method of Combining Images (introduced in Snagit 2019), has no been moved to the top of the list in the Template picking window. It’s called “Custom Steps”
Fixed a crash when, in certain circumstances, an image is dropped in a drop zone and then exiting Snagit Editor
The Enter key now commits changes when editing drop zones
Clicking anywhere in Editor will now exit drop zone edit mode
After entering and exiting drop zone edit mode, Undo and Redo work better and drop zones are more stable
No longer showing drop zone placeholders when flattening or saving an image
Improved the sorting and category order of the Template picking window
Faster load times for the Template picking window
Added a Video from Images hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+V
Reduced the likelihood that Video from Image captures can freeze due to unreliable audio devices
There should now always be at least a few tools available to draw with when entering Video from Images mode
More work to keep drop downs out of the recording area when recording in Video from images mode
Can now drag items all the way to the right to re-order when in Video from Image mode
Improved the accessibility of navigating the video recording UI with the keyboard
Simplify glyphs should now have better contrast when a color close to white is chosen
The Box output handles filenames better when sharing
Fixed other crashes, performance, and security issues.

2020.0.0 (October 22, 2019):

Create Images from Templates
Create clean and professional images from pre-made layouts right within Snagit to convey technical information at a glance. These templates offer significant time savings when creating documentation, tutorials, and job aids.

Create Video from Images
Transform screenshots into a video. In addition to standard Snagit video, you can now talk and draw over a series of screenshots to make a quick “how-to” video or animated GIF. This is another way you can create content right within Snagit to effectively communicate.

Callouts with Arrow tails
This new callout type allows you to point at exactly what you want to draw attention to in your image while still being able to add additional information with text.
If you don’t see these in the callout tool, you can add your own by selecting the shape from the callout dropdown.

Share to Slack and Box
Snagit makes it even easier to share content at work. Now you can share Snagit content directly to Slack and Box.

Additional Changes
Changing properties with multiple text objects selected works as expected
Increased maximum font size
Smoother rendering when using the Crop tool
Performance improvements
Other bug fixes and localization updates



install dirSnagit32.exe
install dirSnagitEditor.exe

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